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John Drake - Mission Appeal
John: My Story

I heard God's Call, but how will I answer? is the autobiographical story of John Drake and The Lingap Center.

During his carrer as an American businessman, John found himself on an international assignment in the Philippines. His story is one of heart wrenching encounters with poverty and fate-filled introductions to those fighting it, culminating in the construction of "The Lingap Center".

This home for neglected, abused, abandoned, and forgotten children has been called "The best of its kind in all of the Philippines". It strikes at the root of poverty by not only providing food and shelter for the children living there, but by providing lifesaving health care, quality education, community outreach and family involvement to ensure that not only are lives saved, but that futures are bright.

Click here to download "I heard God's Call, but how will I answer?" (pdf)

A GreatNonProfits 2020 Top-Rated Non-Profit Organization

Thanks to all of the amazing reviews we got from all of you, 2020 is the ninth year in a row that The Lingap Children's Foundation has received recognition from GreatNonprofits as a Top-Rated NonProfit organization!

Check out the experiences shared by our supporters and add one of your own!

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The Word Among Us

Use Me, Lord

The Lingap Center is featured in "The Word Amoung Us" magazine

The day before I was scheduled to leave the Philippines, I toured Toledo City, Cebu with the mayor. One of our last stops was the Lingap Center. The word "lingap" means "emergency" in Tagalog: the center was a residential home for children in "emergency" situations - abuse, neglect, homelessness, and orphaned. It was a sad place and not maintained well. Although it was formerly a slaughterhouse for pigs, the center was a better option for the homeless and those in cri sis than living on the streets or in an abusive home - but not by much.

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John meets the Presidnet of the Philippines

The Lingap Center is recognized by the President of the Philippines

On January 6, 2006, John was named an "Adopted Son of Toledo City" by the Toledo City Council and Mayor Arlene Zambo. Later, he was named one of the "Outstanding Toledano's" for 2006 by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo!

Jackson Magazine

Powerful Dreams

Reprinted with permission from Jackson Magazine

Former CMS Energy Vice President John Drake has always been an early riser. But on one particular morning, he could not sleep and headed to work earlier than normal. Thoughts of how he was going to organize and run an orphanage thousands of miles away....

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Latest Newsletter Latest Newsletter

Latest Newsletter

My life was dark like this before I arrive here in Lingap Center. My plans, my dreams and hopes is actually dark. The moon is the light given by God and that's Tito John, sponsors and staff.

My dark life turn into a bright life since I arrived in Lingap Center. Then, until I learn a magic word "TRY" from Tito John. I will try because I can do everything to have a brighter life. Someday, this tree will have fruit that can identify my life, brighter than before, as the result of trying.

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John Drake and Aileen of the Lingap Center

John Drake visited Transfiguration on the weekend of November 9, 2014 and brought one of the Lingap Center wards, and success stories, Aileen who shared her story.


Jackson Citizen Patriot coverage of the Lingap Center

Former Jackson businessman continues commitment to Philippine children

Drake is the president of the Lingap Children's Foundation, which supports impoverished and neglected children through the Lingap Center in Toledo City, Philippines.

CNN Article

CNN Coverage of the Lingap Center

We are very excited to announce that on May 18, CNN ran a major feature story on the Lingap Center on their international online news service. It can be found by clicking on the link below. This is really great news for us!! Please take a look!

The CNN Freedom Project

Faith Magazine

The Lingap Center and John Drake
are featured in Faith Magazine

Reprinted with permission from Faith Magazine

It was common for children to be sprawled out on the sidewalk sound asleep. The locals would simply step right over them as if they weren't even there. I was deeply troubled each time I saw a child living like this, but it was everywhere...

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Third Saturday Outreach

Third Saturday

A Lingap Center Outreach Program

On the third Saturday of each month, a children's mass is held, followed by a soup kitchen ... During regular months, attendance numbers range from 200 - 600. However January tends to be the most heavily attended month. In January of 2009, over 800 children attended. In January of 2010, over 1200 attended and in January of 2011, over 5000 were present. 7000 meals were provided on that day!

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